Terms and Conditions


By ticking the agreement box on the signup page, you agree that you are of legal age as per your Country’s gambling regulations. Being of legal age means that you are responsible for the gambling decisions you make and you can control your gambling habits. Bets from minors are prohibited and 918Kiss reserves the right to cancel these bets upon detection.
Whenever you start using our services, you agree to the terms and conditions of our partner site. For instance, in the case of a dispute, our partner’s support team is tasked with resolving the issue based on the complaints forwarded to them. 918Kiss reserves the right to act based on their final decision.

918Kiss allows one account per player. Multiple accounts or bets placed by bots will be rejected. We have enhanced the security of every player’s account on our servers. We take responsibility if any malicious activity takes place from the server. However, if malicious activity originates from the player’s side, the player will be held responsible for any losses incurred.
Once a player makes a deposit, he will not be allowed to withdraw the cash until they initiate a bet. This helps to keep fraudsters at bay.
Account Security
918Kiss takes responsibility for any malicious activity that takes place from the server’s side. We have also gathered the most qualified cybersecurity team to ensure that your data is secure. We protect our customers’ data from malicious activity as well as adhere to data usage, storage and sharing rules. There have been cases where sites sell users data to advertisers. We don’t allow that.
However, account protection takes place in both ways. As much as we may prevent hacking on the server, we can’t be held responsible for negligence on the player’s part. It’s your responsibility to keep your account credentials (username and password) safe. If you shared them, leading to the compromising of your account, we will not be held responsible.

Terms and Conditions for Bonuses

918Kiss allows one account for all activities, including bonuses. If another account is detected from the same IP address, it will be rejected. You are not allowed to share bank information, email, or any other credentials with another account. 918Kiss reserves the right to shut down all of these accounts and refund the initial deposits.
There some conditions that a gambler needs to fulfill before they are allowed to withdraw their bonuses and winnings.

  • The minimum deposit needs to be met for the player’s account to be credited with the bonus. If a player requests a bonus without meeting this requirement, he will be prompted to top up the account balance.
  • The bonus is not instantly available for withdrawal upon crediting. There’s a set of processes that the player needs to go through before initiating a withdrawal. If these steps aren’t successfully completed, the withdrawal request will be rejected.
  • The gambler needs to place a bet with an initial deposit and bonus so as to validate the bonus for withdrawal. Canceling this bet to withdraw the bonus will not be accepted. The only outcomes allowed to validate a bonus are wins and losses. Draw outcomes don’t count.
  • A total of 50% of RNG games and 25% of all variations of Roulette games are the only games that can validate the bonus. Bets on other types of games can’t validate the bonus for now. In case of any further additions to these games, we will communicate on our official platforms.
  • To ensure that we maintain real people, and not bots, on our site, 918Kiss requires players to prove their identity from time to time. Your names and addresses should match with your bank details.
  • 918Kiss doesn’t share the player’s information with other sites. However, we may publish the surname and the city to promote our site. The publishing of this information is always done with the player’s consent and in a way that doesn’t harm the player. If a player protests to this, they can always respond to the customer service. We always announce before publishing.
  • 918Kiss doesn’t allow our employees, or anyone affiliated to them, to get the bonuses. This is deemed unethical.
  • Each bonus requirement is independent.

If a player doesn’t agree to all or some of these terms and conditions, they can always contact the Customer support for more information.
Crediting of Bonuses

To qualify for the deposit bonus, you need to ensure that your account balance is equal to or more than the minimum amount. 918Kiss reserves the right to request for bank receipts to approve the deposit. If the details don’t match, or, you missed the validation process, we will reject your request.

After ensuring that your account balance checks out, contact our support team. If they approve your deposit, you’ll receive your bonus in less than 20 minutes.
The validation process includes placing a bet on the Roulette games and RNG games. If you’ve completed this process, provide your account balance, bank account number, and username.

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